Shortly prior to his opus on Perlon in 2013, Marc Leclair sparsely released under his Horror Inc. moniker. Instead he opted for his yin, Akufen; one that has served him well over the last decade +; pioneering an entire sub-genre of house, and influencing a array  future of discerning music makers.  

His decidedly more enigmatic alter ego is borne from a need to “someday feel like I’ve done what was best for me and everyone else. Horror Inc. helps me achieve that.” He goes on saying, in a 2011 interview with Resident Advisor, “The moniker Horror Inc. can confuse a lot of people, but it has to be taken the appropriate way. It’s me battling my demons.”

His 2010 release on Haunt, Aurore is a trifecta of sublime ethereal Techno grooves, steeped in a carnal soup of equally groovy House. Marc goes through three vastly different realms; starting with the title track, Aurore; a number that kicks off with an Akufen’esque sense of frenzied bleeps, and blops, which carries over to an uplifting section of strings; riding you along for the remainder of the piece, while temporarily giving way to jazz laced interludes. 

On Dans La Nuit, he draws on a sense of impending demise, layered with just enough groove to wander aimlessly, dancing into eternal bliss. Muted horn’s, and fleeting vocals keep you grounded, and summon you back to awareness.

The EP crescendo’s on Crépuscule, possibly the stand out piece of Aurore. Touching on a spectrum of emotions, Horror Inc epitomizes his moniker on this number, cranking up the vibes– on a  moody scale of 1-10, an 11.  Including Dans La Nuit, Crépuscule went to get the Perlon treatment on Briefly Eternal, and is immortalized in their canon as on the their most artistic and moving projects to date.

Talking to any Perlon devotee, or electronic music connoisseur in general, his name is mentioned among the artist who help create and push the ‘scene’ to un-charted territories. Aurore is just another great example of this artists extraordinary talent.