London-based publisher Blue Crow Media has released a series of architectural guides over the years, exploring the brut, fortress-like superstructures that don some of the major metropolitan areas around the world; including Chicago, Los Angelos, New York, Toronto, and now, Tokyo.

An earthquake prone city, Tokyo has embraced the beton brut style since the early 1930’s, however, in true Japanese fashion, developed their own peculiarities– making for some truly alluring, and unique buildings that embody the order, discipline, and subtleness that Japan is known for.

Edited by Naomi Pollock, with photography by Jimmy Cohrssen, the bilingual (Japanese and English) map serves as an expertly curated guide to Tokyo’s unique concrete architecture.

This map highlights the most unique and influential examples of concrete buildings and structures across the city. Architects featured include Tadao Ando, Le Corbusier, Toyo Ito, Tengo Kanze, Kunio Maekawa, Antonin Raymond and many others.