Pole is Düsseldorf-native musician, producer, remixer and mastering engineer, Stefan Betke. A luminarie in his own right, Pole pioneered an abstract electronic club music style, that, when in hindsight; seems to have been way ahead of its time. With the release of his seminal, debut dark blue album, ‘1’ in 1998, Pole painted an almost melancholic cityscape with a slightly glitched Minimal sound. On his third, longest, slightly underrated yellow album, ‘3’, he explored the heftier underbelly of Minimal; flirting with Dub, and dipping into shallow puddles of ambient along the way.

Klettern, meaning climb in German, has a hypnotic, and sluggish build-up; an ascent to an elusive summit. Pole gives us some room to groove, but subdues the over-arching feel of the track generously– giving us a tantalizingly stripped down Minimal-Dub piece to have on playback for the better part of an afternoon.