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Linienbuesse is a collection of live jam sessions between David Moufang, Jamie Hodge, and Kai Kroker, collectively known as Studio Pankow. This, their one and only release developed over the course of several years, and was recorded in an obscure studio in the borough of Pankow in East Berlin where the group inherited it’s namesake.

The album title roughly translates to bus routes, and each track is named after an actual U-Bahn stop somewhere in Berlin. It has an overall subdued, ambient Techno aura; molten lava– a slow burning groove, idling away for a solid 76:58; occasionally bubbling over to ooze off some built-up steam.

Ruhleben clocks in at a marathon’s pace of 17:07; a moment of musical satori by the trio. Serenely navigating through parallel worlds, branching-off into alternate realities rooted to the same stout trunk. The follow up piece, Jessner Stasse is an industrial strength Minimal-Dub Techno number, an underground Blacksmith’s anthem, the kind of person who forges defensive and offensive gear for Blade– a dark, and neurotic song, with a hint of irony. Neukoelln is a whirlpool of textures, and hues. A montage of tastefully executed Techno, surgically precisioned Minimal, and well-ventilated Ambient.

Studio Pankow’s Linienbusse was/is their one and only release to date. First hitting shelves back in 2005 on CD, this apparently rare gem is a timeless piece that’s suited for your ‘hour’ of the snake drive out of the city, or that report that been needing your undivided attention.