Zoya Zerkalsi is a figment of the imagination, conjured up by Berlin-based, Russian-born, Dasha Redkina, who rose through the ranks as a resident  disc jockey at Moscow’s underground nerve center, ARMA17

Since transplanting to Berlin in 2015– after a brief stint in The Old Smoke; she became consumed by one, Zoya Zerkalsi. Her ever-present Djinn, who’s intransigent on exploring the deepest breath experimental sound, through analogue realizations.

Delving into the abysmal dimension of contemplation, and exfoliating the layers introspection; Zoya wields a remedial, cathartic power; in a seemingly, minimal, but yet, profound protest to the ego.

Dasha Redkina will be gracing the Electric Pickle stage November 29, 2018; courtesy of  Gray Area Collective & Un_mute.

More info soon come.